Photocell 208 277 volt wiring diagram

Sep 17, 2018 · And if you had 208 volt incandesent lamps it would be legal to control them by just switching one leg. Yeah they did discontinuned the straght 240 volt model and go with

208-277 V verison However just becarefull with connection espcally with L-L loads it does switch only one side. also,the instructions state that the photocell adapts to They operate on 208-277 volt, turn on in the evening when light levels reach 1-5 footcandles and turn off in the morning when light level readings reach 3-15 footcandles. The physical dimensions of

the Intermatic K4123C dusk-to-dawn photocell are 1 9/16 square by 3" long. 277 VOLTS IGNITOR X3 X1 X2 240V 208 V 120V LAMP 1 LAMP LINE V IGNITOR X3 X1 X2 CAP CAP LAMP 2 INPUT Metal Halide / Mercury Vapor Outdoor Sheet#: TD-135 TD - 135. Wiring Diagrams Sheet #: TD-135 TD-135.P65 ©2002 Acuity Lighting Group, … Example of Wiring a 120 Volt Photocell. 9

Responses to “Wiring a Photocell for an Outdoor Light Fixture” I would like to learn more about photo cell wiring diagrams 120 and 240 volts. Your website is very helpful. Reply. Vickie bourque says: December 2, 2014 at 3:34 pm. 208-volt/240-volt/277-volt Photocell - Button. Field installed. Nylon light control shield included. HID Ballast Wiring Diagrams but I have a problem when I twist the photo cell in the head the fuse in the head will blow. what's causing this to happen? I need a diagram that include the photocell connections. Tony. Date: I have light that are wire 277, I am getting different volts at the

socket, like some will have 369 volts one has 120 Name: 277 volt lighting wiring diagram – This is the most mon system for large mercial office buildings at 208 volts or industrial facilities at 480 volts with 277 volt lighting File Type: JPG Source: How to wire a a photo cell into a 208 volt fixture. Submitted: 6 years ago. Category: Electrical. There are connections for 120/208/277 and a Ground Wire. I am trying to wire … Wiring Diagrams; Engineering Design. Electrical Service Upgrades a singlephase circuit may be two wire (120 volts, 208 or 240 volts, or 480 volts line to line); three wire (120 volts line to neutral and 208/240 volts line to line or 208/240 line to neutral and 480 volts line to line). meter rated 240 volt, 240 and 277 volt wye meters

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